Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement - augmentation is a surgery done not only to increase the size of small breasts, but to shape them to be more pleasing. We recommend to performed this surgery after having a children if you intend to breast feed. This is because during pregnancy there will be a good deal of breast enlargement and increase in size of the milk glands.. Also, it is worth considering that after breast feeding there is decrease in breast size and they may tend to sag. As a consequence, It may be necessary to redo the surgery at again and possibly change implants for bigger ones or to reshape and reinforce the breasts.

Despite these cautionary warnings, many young women in their 20's or 30's years choose to have this surgery performed. Women in today's society tend to delay having children until after 30., and don't wish to delay having nice breasts despite the risks of a repeat operation.

There are three possible places to place the implants.: (1) around the areola, (2) in the crease under breast, or, (3) in the armpit. It is possible to use either round or anatomic implants. There is no difference between the quality of round and anatomic implants. They are made from the same material, the only difference is the shape. The anatomic implant has the water drop shape, the other has a round shape. The surgeon and the patient decide about the implant shape, and the surgeon will decide where to place the implant. (under muscle or gland according to patient size and tissue characteristics.).

It is worth mentioning that there is over a million case study proving no evidence of any connection between implants and breast cancer. Breast examination after surgery is done same way as before operation by feel or by mammogram examination, using a different technique to ensure a reliable reading. The normally is performed under general anesthesia and is 1 - 2 hours in duration. Hospitalization various from 1 to 3 days. Most stitches are self absorbed and remaining stitches will be removed within 10 to 14 days according to healing process. There are generally no problems with breast feeding, because surgery doesn't damage outlets of milk gland. But it will be necessary to use a special surgical bra for next 6 weeks. This will help to form the breast shape.. Normal physical activity can be resumed in 2 months. Depending on the level of difficulty required at your work, return to light office work is possible in 1 to 2 weeks.