Breast Reduction

Overly large breast is can be unpleasant esthetically, and also cause health problems. Heavy breasts often cause pain in the back, neck, or spine. Many times, this problem causes headaches. Frequent irritation on top of the shoulder by the bra straps is a common complaint.

In case of an abnormally large breast, which size doesn't correspond with the body, insurance may cover the surgery. However, it has to be approve insurance company in advance, and several examinations may be required in order to secure approval.

Regarding scars. Scars can generally be concealed. The incisions are placed in the same location as breast modeling. However, if the surgeon needs to operate near the milk gland, it would be better to perform the surgery after having children. This doesn't mean that the surgery can't be done before pregnancy, but future problems can be avoided by waiting until after children are born.

For younger women with very large breasts or prominent asymmetry in size, it may be necessary to have the surgery immediately to avoid health problems or psychological issues. Risks must to be weighed carefully because of possible future complications during breast feeding. Occasionally breast inflammation can result during the breast feeding times and it may not be possible to continue.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and last about 2 hours. Hospitalization various 2-4 days. Most stitches are self absorbed and remaining stitches will be removed within 10 - 14 days according to healing process. You will use a special surgical bra for next 6 weeks, which will help to form the breast shape requested.

It is possible to return normal physical activity after 2 months. Depending on the level of activity required at your work, it may be possible to return to light office work within 2 weeks after surgery, The breast shape will be permanently established and natural within 6 month after surgery.