Surgery of Upper and Lower Eyelids

Operation on the upper eyelids makes it possible to remove loosen and sagging skin, which in older age pass over the eye-lash and create not only esthetic, but also health problems. It also helps a majority of patients remove a sense of tiredness and pain around the eyes due to the weight of sagging skin. If bags under the eyes are a problem, it is possible to reduce these pockets also.

Usually, the incision is made along the natural skin lines of eyelids, in the creases of upper eyelids and just below the lower lids under eye-lashes. The surgery last about 1 hour, it is performed under local anesthesia. The stitches are removed in approximately 4 to 7 days. Normally, the operation is performed on a outpatient bases or during a short one day hospitalization. For the first few days following the operation, a ice bandage is applied several times a day for about 30 minutes. Ice will significantly reduce swelling and bruising, which is quite usual in this area after operation because of very fine subcutaneous tissue. It is possible to use cosmetics 1 week after operation.