Nose Reshaping

Nose surgery helps to change both the shape of the nose requested, improves functioning.

The most requested surgery is removing nose bump, reducing and reshaping nose tip, adjusting axis deviation etc. The surgery takes place under general anesthesia and is 1 to 2 hours in duration. Post operation incisions are not visible because they appear inside the nostrils. It is interesting that post operational period is almost painless. The swelling and bruising around nose and eyes appears immediately after operation because of soft subcutaneous tissue. The swelling and bruising disappear within 3 weeks after operation. Hospitalization is about from 1 to 2 days. During 3 to 5 days there will be compresses placed inside the nose in order to help form its frame. It is necessary to have a plaster cast for about 10 days. Following the removal of the plaster cast, press massages are done daily for about for 3 weeks. The nose shape is permanent and final evaluation will be done after 6 months.